UNIFUZZ, is an open-source and metrics-driven platform for assessing fuzzers in a comprehensive and quantitative manner. Specifically, UNIFUZZ to date has incorporated 35 usable fuzzers, a benchmark of 20 real-world programs, and six categories of performance metrics. We encourage the communit efforts along with us to make the UNIFUZZ platform better. We provide guidance and tutorial for the developers to submit their fuzzers and benchmarks on the platform. For more details, please refer to the open-source platform or our paper.

2. Optimize Mutation Scheduling for Fuzzers (MOpt)

MOpt is a novel mutation scheduling scheme, which enables mutation-based fuzzers to discover vulnerabilities more efficiently. MOPT utilizes a customized Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm to find the optimal selection probability distribution of operators with respect to fuzzing effectiveness, and provides a pacemaker fuzzing mode to accelerate the convergence speed of PSO. MOPT provides a good rationality, compatibility and steadiness, while introducing negligible costs. We make MOpt-AFL (one of the applications of MOpt-based fuzzers), seed sets used in the evaluation, results and the technical report with more details publicly available to facilitate the research in this area, which is available at: https://github.com/puppet-meteor/MOpt-AFL .

3. DeepSec


4. ShareSafe

A Uniform and Open-source Recommendation System for Graph Data Anonymization and De-anonymization.

5. SecGraph

A Uniform and Open-source Evaluation System for Graph Data Anonymization and De-anonymization.

6. Password Analysis and Research System (PARS)

PARS is a uniform, modular, scalable, and open-source password research platform that is contributed to the password security research community. With assorted state-of-the-art password algorithms and large-scale passwords data already included in the system, researchers and system administrators can find it of great help to their study. Moreover, the project is customizable and new components can be added to it.